Thursday 25 April 2024
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How Homeowners Insurance Protects You on Vacation Too

How Homeowners Insurance Protects You on Vacation Too

If you’re heading off on a vacation, there’s some good news on the horizon for you. Your homeowner’s insurance may protect you while you’re on the road. Let’s look at what Albany home insurance can cover when you’re away and how you can cover the gaps in the insurance effectively.  

What You Can Carry Over:

  1. Personal Liability

Personal liability is that part of your insurance that protects you if you cause injury or harm to people or their property, In some cases personal liability can follow the homeowner wherever they go, so if you’re traveling interstate and knock over a friend’s vase, you may still be covered, There are limitations and fine print to this so it’s a good idea to enquire with your agent first. 

  1. Medical Expenses Coverage

This coverage is what handles the cost if someone is injured due to you on your property. This can also on certain occasions follow you as you travel, so consider also asking your insurance agent if this is covered. The wording you’re looking for is if the coverage is limited to the property or not. 

  1. Property Damage

The coverage for your personal property applies anywhere, so if a thief steals a suitcase or your laptop, you may be covered. Again, this may not be included in the most basic insurance policy but is often seen in the fine print.

How To Fill the Gaps With Travel Insurance

Although homeowners’ insurance offers you some protection on vacation it isn’t a blanket deal. In certain cases, you will need additional travel insurance, which will cover things such as: 

  •     Medical and dental expenses coverage to keep you healthy on your trip.
  •     Reimbursement for any cancellations, this includes hotels, flights, tours, and more that may be non-refundable.
  •     Partial reimbursement if your trip gets shortened due to elements outside your control. 
  •     Baggage protection to protect and reimburse you in the case of damaged, lost, or stolen luggage. 
  •     24-hour assistance if something goes wrong can give you impeccable peace of mind. 

In our opinion checking your homeowner’s insurance before you go is a great way to make sure you don’t overpay for your travel insurance, instead, you can use it to cover any gaps in your needs. 

Vacations are all about relaxing, so don’t take any stress with you and contact a NY insurance agency for the best deal on a homeowners insurance policy that covers you as you travel. Our pick is always NY Insurance Hub with its great team of independent agents! Their team can help you get the most out of home insurance for your unique needs, say hello and get started now! 

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