Friday 24 May 2024
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GlobalGroup: what should be the client support for a brokerage company

GlobalGroup: what should be the client support for a brokerage company

Today we will focus on obvious customer support. To improve the quality of service, you need to have a clear idea of ​​how the system interacts with customers.

The Global Group recommends that all brokers be guided by the available logic, which will greatly help the development and improvement of the business. For this, we have prepared several examples of the course of events.

Example No. 1 A potential client visits the broker’s website and makes a registration in a personal account. The task of the customer support employee is to motivate the customer to replenish the deposit. The process should begin with registration in your personal account, at the end of which a lead with the data of a new client should be automatically created in the broker’s local database. At the next stage, the client needs to allocate a personal manager who will contact him for advice on the services and methods of replenishing a trading account.

Example No. 2 A potential client contacts the broker by phone or arrives at the office. The task of the customer support employee is to stimulate the client to register the personal account. A phone call or a face-to-face meeting is a fairly common situation. In this case, the manager should register on the basis of the official data provided to him. The procedure is similar: a new lead is created, the client invents a login, the security system sets up an automatically generated password and sends it to the client’s email address. If necessary, the manager can also answer customer questions regarding the work of the personal account.

Example No. 3 The trader has long been listed in the broker’s database, but the registration procedure in the personal account has been recently completed. The task of the customer support officer is to quickly respond to the client’s action and to discuss in detail the next steps with him.

The database should contain the status of the client, best of all: Lead, Demo or Live. The status depends on what actions the client managed to perform.

  • Lead – this status means that the client is in the database, but has not yet been registered the account.
  • Demo – this status means that the client is already a registered user and is trading virtual money on a demo account.
  • Live – this status means that the client has an open live trading account.

Accordingly, if a client with Lead status after some time makes registration in the trader’s personal account, then his status should change to Demo. The database should automatically display updated information. The system should also automatically notify the manager of changes, who should immediately contact the client and help set up his personal account. If the client is interested in replenishing the account, the manager should accompany him at all stages.

Example No. 4 Often there is a situation when it is necessary to contact the client. The task of the customer support employee is to choose a good time for communication without causing unnecessary inconvenience. A similar situation may arise with a client with the assigned Live status, in other words, with traders with open real accounts on which trading is conducted. At the moment of entering the trading terminal and before exiting from it, the state of the account should be defined as Online, and this should be necessarily reflected in the form of a special icon. According to it, the manager will understand that he can contact the client. The best moment to call is simply not to be found. First: no one distracts the client from important matters. Secondly: a call can bring maximum benefit to the trading process, as the manager will be able to answer the client’s associated questions.

Example No. 5 The client decided to proceed with the deposit process. The task of the customer support employee is to process the client’s application and choose the most convenient way to replenish the deposit. Practice shows that the most convenient and reliable way to deposit funds into a trading account is the automatic method of cashless payments. Replenishment occurs through a payment system integrated into your personal account, in which applications are processed and executed automatically. If any problems arise (for example, the balance of the trader has critically decreased), the information will automatically be displayed in the client’s profile. The manager will also receive a notification to contact the client as soon as possible. 

Example No. 6 For one reason or another, the manager can no longer work with the client. The task of the customer support employee is to quickly replace the manager and put him in the course of the current affairs of the trader. The broker’s database should contain customer cards containing a full range of information: contacts, correspondence, records of telephone conversations, accompanying comments and much more. Thus, the client’s card will help the new manager to continue interacting with him from the place where the previous manager stayed. His knowledge in this matter will save the client from tangible inconvenience, since you do not have to start all over from the very beginning.

Example No. 7 Perhaps the most difficult situation for a customer support employee is when funds run out on a trader’s trading account. The complexity of this situation is to help the client not to lose interest in the financial market. One of the key responsibilities of any manager is to support and motivate the client to work with financial instruments. To do this, we recommend paying attention to the profitability of the client’s portfolio, strategies, asset generation, risk diversification, analytics, as well as “future plans” that can be adjusted together with the client in one direction or another depending on market trends. At the end of the article it is notable to say that we sincerely hope we were able to touch on all the most important aspects of the work of customer support and clearly talk about them. We also hope that such a simple logic will help you not only increase business efficiency, but also investor confidence in your company. Yours faithfully,


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