Friday 24 May 2024
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An Instant Guide to Decoding Travel Insurance Misunderstandings

An Instant Guide to Decoding Travel Insurance Misunderstandings

Travel is indeed a fun filled journey with memories. It keeps us away from the city’s chaos and connects us with nature. However, we cannot predict any unforeseen event that might occur during our trip. Hence, it is advisable to buy travel insurance for safety reasons and a peaceful trip since the treatment costs and other assistance are readily available, which would otherwise incur huge expenses. During travel, you can come across various types of risks such as medical emergencies, accidents, loss of the passport or your luggage and various other incidents. Hence, neglecting travel insurance may endanger your savings in the long run. People skip buying travel insurance due to several myths and misleading information. So let us discuss the points on what to believe and what not to so that in future people will add travel insurance in their checklist.

5 myths about travel insurance and demystifying them

  1. My trip is well-planned Nothing can go wrong

Many travellers around the globe believe and follow this mindset. This is one of the most famous myths. People follow this myth based on their past travel experiencebecause they have had a smooth journey without encountering any problems whatsoever. No one can win against nature and predict unforeseen life events. Thus, to avoid the consequences, which are beyond your control, it is better to be on the safer side. Everyone needs to break this myth about nothing can go wrong and stay prepared with travel insurance always.

  1. I will book my travel insurance later

People book tickets and rooms in advance but do not buy travel insurance in advance. You can buy your travel insurance within your travel date. You cannot avail the benefits of travel insurance if you purchase a policy after the incident has occurred. The whole concept of buying travel insurance is to be safe in advance.

  1. I can pay off the medical expenses it would be affordable

Due to the advancement of technology and medical science, medical expenses are rising day by day. This has led to an increase in the treatment cost when you travel overseas. Minor treatment charges will not affect your pocket. However, if you or any of your family member met with an accident or suffer from an illness, which turns into an emergency then it will increase your expenses as well.

The treatment cost in a foreign land is much higher, for which you may not really be prepared to bear the expenses.

Travel Insurance is meant for adventurers or hikers

There are many myths regarding travel insurance. Everyone who travels around the world needs travel coverage to stay better prepared for fighting against eventualities if any. Several common scenarios such as loss of baggage, loss of the passport and delay in checked luggage can happen to anyone. One should not think about the travel insurance myth and buy one before heading for a vacation. Therefore, insurance is not just for adventurers or hikers, it is also something to be considered when you are travelling locally, which is precisely what domestic travel insurance covers.

Travel Insurance cover is needed only when something disastrous happens

Many of us commonly believe this travel insurance myth. Travel insurance covers are not limited to extreme situations such as hijack distress. It also covers other financial losses as well. Opting for travel insurance can cover the expenses that you are incurring if you lose your of your baggage. Hence having travel insurance is recommended. Always remember to purchase the right policy to cover you and your loved ones. Opt for a family plan or travel insurance for senior citizens to secure everyone on your trip.

The above points clarify common travel insurance myths. Whenever you plan to travel for work or leisure, make sure you add travel insurance in your list just like your tickets and accommodation.