Saturday 22 June 2024
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All You Need To Know About Mobile Banking Services?

All You Need To Know About Mobile Banking Services?

With the passing years, many things have changed with different innovations. And so has the banking system in various stages. First, we had offline banking services available, and then it became online to which we could get access via the desktop over the internet. And presently, we can get access to banking services on our mobile by using an online mobile banking app offered by the various banks. Thanks to advanced technology and innovation, we can access all banking services over our mobile phones.

Today we all are aware of mobile banking apps and their uses. We all know that mobile banking is an advanced way of online banking. And most people are using these mobile banking apps. But still, there are various services provided by mobile banking apps that we are not fully aware of. Different types of mobile banking services which you all need to know about are as follows;

Get all your account info on your mobile phone –

You can get all your bank account-related details and information on your mobile phone using an online mobile banking app. You can check bank account-related information such as your banking balance, transaction history, bill payments record, EMI, or other periodic payment details.

Investment alternatives –

Mobile banking also allows customers or users to invest their savings in one of the best investment sources from various alternatives. For example, you can invest your money in fixed deposits or recurring deposits, mutual funds, debt funds, equity funds, bonds, gold, public provident funds, real estate, etc. So, one can use an online mobile banking app to invest their savings safely and securely for the future.

Alternatives to transfer or receive money –

An online mobile banking app also offers different payment alternatives to customers. For example, you can select one-time pay, quick payment, pay to the beneficiary, self-transfer, and many more while making a payment. And you can also transfer funds directly by using others’ UPI IDs.

Bill Payments –

Furthermore, you can also pay for your bills, rent, EMI, mobile or wifi recharge, credit card bill payment, shopping charges, etc., with the help of an online mobile banking app.

Get your account statement regularly –

Mobile banking apps also generate monthly account statements for customers. And if you need your bank account statement instantly for any significant purpose, you can also request the same and you can get your statement at your registered mail address within a few minutes.

Apply for your ATM or cheque book –

Using an online mobile banking app, you can also apply and request your ATM, debit card, and cheque book from the comfort of your home. And within two or three days, you can get the same delivered to your doorstep. Moreover, you do not need to visit the banks or other financial institutions to get your cheque book or ATM card.

Share receipts –

An online mobile banking app also allows its users to share the payment and bill pay receipts with others after making payments to maintain surety.

So, these are some of the significant mobile banking services that an online mobile banking app offers to users.