Thursday 25 July 2024
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Why Are Heated Toilets An Important Addition To Every Bath?

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While the rest of the world is comfortable with flushing toilets, Japan is already ahead of us with their backside cleaning, automatic lid lifting, and remote-controlled heated toilets. For us, our toilets, toilet papers, and wipes are already good enough to keep us going. For the Japanese though, the need for health, sanitation, and hygiene paved the way for the popularity of what is Japan’s fancy toilets.

The Importance of Heated Toilets

Many of us think of toilets as an ordinary commodity – a privilege. Most people nowadays take them for granted, but with Japan’s revolutionary toilets and bidet sets, the world is starting to realize why such heated toilets are essential. Some are even adopting the idea after hearing the health benefits it has to offer. Here are some vital points worth knowing when it comes to heated toilets and their importance.

  • It provides warmth and comfort

The heated toilet seats are probably the most sought-after feature of the modern Japanese toilet. During the cold season, toilet seats can get, well, incredibly cold. A cold toilet seat brings both numbness and discomfort which is indeed not the kind of welcome you’d want during trips to the bathroom early in the morning or late at night. With a heated toilet seat, you no longer need to worry about ice-cold seats every time you sit on your throne.

  • It provides comfort washing

Heated toilets provide comfort washing not only for people with mobility issues like pregnant women, young children, the elderly and those people with diseases like arthritis but everyone. Whether you have difficulty moving or not, one can quickly learn how to operate the remote control and effectively wash your bottoms with ease. According to LiveScience, only 5% of people do proper hand washing after toilet use. This just shows the need for heated toilets is becoming a necessity.

  • It can help people with stiffening muscles

Muscle stiffness happens because of different reasons, but all have symptoms of difficulty moving, cramping, discomfort and even pain. Heat can help soothe stiff muscles and aids in relieving pain and discomfort. Now, you can get relief by merely using a heated toilet seat.

  • It uses heated water without using too much energy

The great thing about these toilets is it uses just the right temperature to wash your backside. The water is neither too cold or hot, providing thorough washing without consuming too much electricity. You can also adjust it accordingly to your preference which makes washing a breeze during winter or summer.

  • It is relatively easy to install

There is no need for a plumber or an electrician to install one in your home or office. One can get heated toilets seats to easily fit on your existing toilets like the ordinary toilets seats. However, for those who have more needs like elevated seats, or energy-conserving features, a complex installation may be needed courtesy of a professional.

  • Some have extra features like air-drying and hands-free operation

Some heated toilets have warm air-drying, so you no longer need to pat dry after each wash. Others even have lids opening and closing and automatic flushing giving you a hands-free experience.

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Those things mentioned above are more than enough to welcome heated toilets inside your home. Think of it as an everyday spa experience. It’s not just luxury toilet seat, but one you might actually need for your home or office. Visit if you want to know more about bidet heated toilet seats.