What to check before buying a property

Buying a property, or even renting one, is a big decision. Usually, you will try to find a house that satisfies your basic needs. It’s better to check property listing website that features size, location, and, of course, price. However, there are a lot of other factors that people tend to forget. Things that could change your new life in a negative way if you fail to notice them. Sometimes, we are too interested in finding our dream house that we condone the property’s endless problems.

Don’t forget that when buying a new home, you need to use both your mind and emotions. If you find any problem, try to come up with a solution. However, if the problem is too costly, then reconsider your decision and weigh your options. Here are 8 things you have to check before buying a property.

The condition of light

You could have visited a flat at midday and found it to be cheerful and bright. However, this doesn’t mean that the whole unit lets sunlight in throughout the day. Try to visit the property at a different time and pay attention to the area. You may not care about sunlight in the guest bedroom, it is very much needed. Check the whole property to make sure that all, or at least most, of the chambers have access to sunlight.

Phone network Reception

Another factor that may slip your mind is cell phone reception. Once again, you should walk around the property to determine if there are areas with little to no reception. You should also try to make a call in different parts of the property. If there is a problem with the reception, talk to the neighbors to determine if this is an issue with the area and discuss possible solutions. Afterall, living in a home without being able to use your phone can easily turn into a nightmare.


You should always inspect the water pressure pouring from taps before buying a property. Try the kitchen and bathroom sinks, as well as the shower. The low water pressure is hard to deal with, especially if you find out after you have moved in. If there are problems with the pressure, make sure there is a solution to the problem before closing the deal.

Neighbourhood Status

This is very important to keep in mind. Some neighborhoods are too quiet, others are too loud, and you need to know exactly what you’re buying into. Neighbor’s pets, loud neighbors and construction works can make your life really difficult. It is best to visit the property at different times of the day, including at night, to find out if the noise will be an issue. Also, try to visit on weekdays and the weekend.

Bathroom Ceilings

How often do you walk into a bathroom and check it up? If you don’t, you probably have to. If you are going to buy a unit in an apartment building, then you have to inspect all bathroom ceilings for water drainage. Any water damage will be noticeable right away and should be discussed and dealt with before making the decision. Do not pass this issue if it is present as it will become a hassle for you later on.

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