Thursday 25 April 2024
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The Best Reasons Why You Should Invest in London Property Today

The Best Reasons Why You Should Invest in London Property Today

There is no doubt that property will always be a worthwhile investment; unlike other assets which depreciate over time, property will, more likely than not, appreciate and give you the return on the investment you made. Property is a lucrative deal, and if you are thinking of investing in property but can’t quite decide where to put your hard-earned money, London is always a brilliant option. The city of London is popular with property investors the world over – it is one of the leading global cities, after all, and the capital of England has a lot to offer. So, what are the other reasons why London is a great property investment capital? Here are the best reasons why you should invest in London property today.

Why invest in property at all?

If it is your first time investing in property, good for you. If you invest in real estate, you could have a steady cash flow stream with a good yield compared to other investments such as government bonds and stocks. Additionally, if you invest in real estate, any expert will tell you that it is not as volatile as stocks, either. The real estate market is incredibly stable, and although there may be fluctuations once in a while, you are guaranteed a greater return on your investment compared to other investment options.

The top reasons why it is best to invest in London property

  • One of the foremost reasons why property investors look to London for real estate is the fact that the city offers longer leaseholds. Compared to other places like Asia where lease terms are often shorter, London offers longer leases, which bodes well for your property if you decide to become a landlord.
  • London is also one of the most renowned and established hubs for business around the world. It is a leading hub of finance and commerce, and its dynamism contributes to its reputation as a foremost business capital. London is also diverse; it is only in London where you can get exposure to some of the best players in different sectors, including insurance, banking, technology, media, and even fashion. There is – and always will be – high demand for the assets that London can provide.
  • The infrastructure of London is one of the best in the world, as confirmed by Gerald Eve’s London Knowledge, and this is good news for any property investor as well. The London underground, for instance, makes the commuting experience entirely convenient for any London resident or those who live quite a distance from the city. What’s more, the system continuously gets expanded as the city develops as well. Traveling to and from London is a breeze, which makes it the perfect investment opportunity for any property investor.
  • The pound is not as strong compared to years past, but this continuesto attract tourists and travelers to the city. The tourism industry in London is ever-growing, and this, in turn, will lead to more developments when it comes to residential and retail assets.
  • Last, but certainly not least, individuals who are not residents of the UK can still avail of tax benefits when they purchase London property. The government offers exemptions to non-residents of the UK when it comes to the payment of capital gains tax, or CGT, related to the sales of real estate property in the city. With this kind of regulation in place, property in London becomes an even more attractive and lucrative deal.

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