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The Best Benefits You Can Get from Staying in a Serviced Apartment

The Best Benefits You Can Get from Staying in a Serviced Apartment

Serviced apartments have become more popular than standard hotels in recent days, and this is a hardly surprising fact. Serviced apartments offer way more benefits than a regular hotel; the freedom it affords can be a big boost to travellers who would not like to conform to the standard restrictions of hotels, and it can also be a great way to travel inexpensively since you can cook and prepare your own meals and entertain at your leisure. Whether you are staying for one night or several months, serviced apartments offer an array of benefits far removed from traditional hotels indeed. Need some more convincing? Here are the best benefits you can get from staying in a serviced apartment.

The space

With a serviced apartment, you don’t just have a room to yourself – you have an entire apartment all to yourself, with its corresponding facilities such as a fully-equipped kitchen, bathroom, living area, and bedroom. All this for a price which is much more reasonable than a standard hotel room. On average, serviced apartments are about 30% more spacious than a hotel room.

Savings, especially for a longer stay

If you are travelling for business and are required to stay in a particular area for some time, then a serviced apartment is definitely the best option. Staying in such an apartment allows you to save money as you can get better deals with more extended stays, and the average price of a serviced apartment is around 20% lower compared to the standard hotel rate. Serviced apartments don’t come with hidden charges or extras either, such as room service or mini bars. If you are travelling with your family, staying in a serviced apartment can give you some great savings, too, as you don’t have to book two hotel rooms – you can simply book one apartment at which everyone can stay.

The best locations

There are serviced apartments in almost every major city, particularly in the UK, where you can find serviced apartments in areas such as London, Manchester, Birmingham, Edinburgh, and more. These serviced apartments are often located centrally as well, which places you are within easy distance of various sights and attractions and transport networks and connections. Native places Manchester, for instance, even provides guests with their own neighbourhood guide and access to locals in the area who can tell them the best places to see and visit.

Complete flexibility

If you decide to stay in a serviced apartment, you have the freedom to come and go as you please. This means no restrictions on hours and schedules. And since the amenities are readily available and at your fingertips, you can cook and entertain anytime you want, work when necessary, and hold meetings or conferences at any time. You can also find serviced apartments with a few bedrooms and bathrooms spread out from a central living space, and this is ideal for colleagues, families, or groups which travel together.

Your own kitchen facility

Perhaps one of the best and most obvious reasons why people go for serviced apartments is that they have their own kitchen facility, which you will certainly never find in a hotel. You can have your own kitchen, which saves you money on the cost of food and eating out, and if you have specific nutritional requirements, you can easily cater to your needs. Most serviced apartments have their own laundry facilities as well, allowing you to do your own laundry as the need arises without any extra cost.

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