Spotlighting Marvellous Bathroom Overhaul Trends across Australia

Ever since the turn of the millennium, and ever since property remodelling shows began dominating TV airwaves, our bathrooms have gone from being practical, unadorned privies to dazzling, variegated mosaics teeming with individuality.

We no longer want to escape to a plain, sparsely appointed lavatory, and we thrive on the compliments of our guests once they return from their strolls to our new-age restrooms, so let’s get a fix on the most stunning yet cost-effective ways to spruce up and deck out your commodes.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…

The customary storage cabinets of years past have become dated and obsolete, but many people still love having a utilitarian storage space behind their mirrors, which is why the following arrangement is currently all the rage:

  • Pencil-edge mirror cabinets that feature modernised resin emulsion paint and form-fitting soft-close gates
  • Cabinets that are sometimes recessed and sunk into the wall depending on the layout of the bathroom in question
  • Small circular mirrors with an extendable scissor arm that are affixed to an adjoining wall or directly next to the pencil-edge cabinet

As you might imagine, two mirrors are better than one, and if you opt for a chrome finish, you can effect a contemporary theme that’s sure to amaze everyone lucky enough to visit your lavatory.

Traditional Porcelain Sink Basins? No Thank You.

When it comes time to complement an advanced mirror setup, you need to ensure that your sink also presents something of a wow factor.

Fortunately for you, marvellously moulded above-the-counter sink basins are not only exquisite and striking, but also surprisingly cost-effective and easy-to-install as well. The most sought-after iterations are wall-hung washbowls that have built-in faucets; although counter-top sinks with unique overhanging spigots are also creeping into the fold nowadays.

If you want to check out dozens of first-class sink options at economical rates, be sure to head over to the Mimicoco Bathroom Fittings & Supplies website to begin building your ideas.

Towel Warmers? Yes, Please.

The cold, teeth-chattering sequence of scrambling to a cold towel following a shower essentially eliminates the revitalising and uplifting sensation of a balmy bath, which is precisely where towel warming fixtures enter the equation.

Stainless-steel electric towel heaters are expertly polished, energy efficient, completely safe, and, most notably, they feature expedited mechanisms that only take a minute or two to warm up your bathroom cloths.

Bespoke Storage That Showcases Your Linens

Even if your master bathroom is relatively small, you can implement slotted shelves with integrated towel bars around the space with ease. This will negate the need for in-ground breakfronts that eat up the square area on your floor, and allow you to proudly display your textiles in a sequential order. This minimalistic approach is a fantastic alternative to hanging art or rudimentary towel racks that serve little to no functional purpose.

Your bathroom is a veiled oasis that deserves some time and attention, so make sure your next home project centres on the king’s throne.

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