Renovating The Home To Avoid Slips And Falls: What Are Your Considerations?

Home renovations can be stressful for the homeowner as well as the contractor. Both parties need to think about the materials for the renovation, the costs, and the deadlines. Both parties also need to consider the safety and security of the workers and the people who are living in the house. It is crucial to ensure that everyone involved in the home renovation process is free from the hazards caused by the construction. It is important to consider implementing safety measures to help in avoiding slip and fall incidents.

Considerations to Prevent Slips and Falls

Slip and fall accidents are frequent in any construction or renovation site. 15% of the total annual accidental deaths are due to slip and fall incidents. Therefore, it is crucial to implement safety measures to ensure that accidents are minimized. These are some of the ways you can avoid slips and falls while renovating your home:

  • Maintain a clean workplace. It is essential to keep the area under renovation clean despite all the work going on. Keeping the work area clean prevents items that cause slips, trips, and falls from scattering on the floor. Keep nails, bolts, and wires in proper containers.
  • Keep tools and other materials away. All tools must be kept in a toolbox to avoid slip and fall accidents. Do not leave tools and other hazardous materials lying around the area being renovated to prevent other workers or the house’s residents from tripping over them.
  • Ensure workers are wearing safety equipment. All workers must wear hard hats, safety shoes, and work gloves before they start working on the renovation. They need to have the proper safety gear to protect them from other hazards in the renovation and to protect their head in case they trip or falling debris.
  • Place barriers and signs on wet surfaces or uneven floors. If there are uneven flooring that is still under renovation, signs must be put up so other workers are aware. Signs can also help those who are still living in the house know what areas they should avoid.

  • Keep all electrical cables properly coiled. If your renovation project involved electrical jobs, you need to ensure that the electrical cables are neatly kept away. The cables must be coiled safely in areas that are difficult to reach by children.

What to Do During Slips and Falls

Despite safety precautions, there are times when accidents may still happen. Slips and falls may still happen even if you tried your best to keep the renovation area safe. If you find yourself involved in slips and falls, you need to check if the injured person needs medical attention. You need to call the doctor right away. Ensure that the person who got into an accident is medically treated to avoid any severe injuries. You also need to document the area where the injury happened to serve as evidence. Lastly, you need to call your lawyer for assistance. You can contact an attorney who can help handle a slip and fall case.

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