Saturday 22 June 2024
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Reasons to Expand Your Business to Switzerland

Reasons to Expand Your Business to Switzerland

Every serious business person wants to expand their business. Growth sometimes means expanding beyond the borders and exploring new markets. The huge European market is one business people are always eager to sink their teeth into.

Naturally, you will research widely before you decide on the European country most appropriate for your business endeavors. This is the reason you have decided Switzerland is the best base for you.

Why Switzerland?                    

You have chosen Switzerland because it fulfills the four factors that are ideal not only for business but also for lifestyle. These are:

  • Government policies
  • Location
  • Quality of life
  • Skill

Governmental Policies

Companies as well as would be investors are treated like valued customers in Switzerland. Business owners have access to advisors who are always available to guide investors through the process of making a move to Switzerland.

The employment laws are liberal. The labor market is not regulated very closely and the federal taxation is quite agreeable for companies as well as individuals. They have agreements with every major industrialized nation which ensure that companies are only expected to pay tax in one country of business.


Switzerland is centrally located with the major economic giants of Europe surrounding it. It has easy access to countries such as Austria, France, Italy and Germany. In addition, the country is located in the most populated area in Europe.

Switzerland’s infrastructure is also top-notch. A business relocation to Switzerland decision is a great business move as you would be operating in a country that has some of the best highways, roads and public transportation in the world.

Take the Gotthard Base Tunnel for instance. It is the longest tunnel in the world and will decrease travel time between Switzerland and Northern Italy by a huge margin.

Moreover, Switzerland is a very competitive state. In fact, it is ranked as the most competitive. This perhaps explains why major brands operate from the delightful Swiss business capitals.

Switzerland has a very broad look towards business. It looks beyond its borders and has trade agreements not only with the European community but also with nations the world over.

No shortage of Skill

Just about every area in the country requires highly trained and skilled workers. You will, therefore, have access to the greatest talent possibly in the world. Switzerland ranks high in the list of countries that have a high population the most qualified workforce.

One of the reasons for the availability of highly qualified individuals in Switzerland is this; academic education is supplemented by an apprenticeship that is direct as well as practical.  In addition, any of the citizens speak English and practically everybody is literate.

Switzerland is home to some of the best universities as well as research centers. The country also hosts companies that are very keen on research. The economy is also thriving.

As mentioned earlier, the infrastructure is excellent. Workers located in Switzerland are allowed to move within the European Union as well as the European Free Trade Association without hindrance. This allows businesses to expand their operations in the country without being concerned about employee relocation.

Quality of life

Switzerland is one of the best countries to live in according to lifestyle surveys. It also ranks among the top countries in the world for expats. The standard of living is quite high and the crime rate is low.

The landscape is breathtaking with rich green valleys, myriads of parks as well as lakes. The mountains of Switzerland are legendary. Besides, everybody goes skiing in Switzerland with its numerous ski spots. You can take walks in the cities taking in the castles and cathedrals.


You will be winning on the business front as well as in life. Few people can claim to live in a country that not only fulfills your business dreams but also gives you a pleasant almost picture-perfect place to call home. It is called scoring on all fronts.