Thursday 25 July 2024
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Nabil Yusuf Patel shares insights on Buying a Home to suffice your Kids’ all needs

Nabil Yusuf Patel shares insights on Buying a Home to suffice your Kids’ all needs

If you stay with your family, there are various aspects you need to consider before buying a home. Nabil Patel Director of DB Realty, describes the ideal home as the one that suffices everyone’s needs. While the adults of the family can put forward their needs, kids fail to do so. Which is why people often neglect or miss out the children’s requirements.

Kids spend a lot of time at home. Hence, it is important to ensure that their requirements are met while buying the house. One more thing to consider is that children grow and with that, their needs change as well. The house should be able to meet the changing needs of a growing child.

In all families, every decision is made after considering how it will affect the children. Even for young couples who do not have kids, it is important to consider a child’s needs while choosing a residential property if they are planning to have kids in the future. In a country like India with such a huge population, it is quite obvious that most people have children and should consider their needs.

What are the things you need to consider for your children’s requirements?

If you are not willing to spend a huge amount on buying the house, focus more on connectivity and not location. While buying a house from real estate companies like DB Realty, owned by Nabil Yusuf Patel, look for a location that has well- connectivity and not very centrally located. In modern days, builders consider children’s needs as well because they play a key role in decision making of the buyers and come up with projects that suffice all their requirements.

The factors that need to be considered vary from family to family, depending on the age or phase of the life of the child – a newborn child, a teenager and an adult. These factors may change in the future as the child grows.

A major factor to consider is that medical facilities should be available nearby. This is not only paramount for children but for the adult members of the family as well. Educational institutes should always be close by if you consider the needs of a child. Everyone will agree on the importance of good educational institutions available nearby. Other important factors that people should consider are nearby amusement parks, theatres, pubs, malls and food outlets.

How does meeting Children’s requirements impact on property costs?

It is quite obvious that staying at a good locality that has good connectivity as well will have an impact on the price. Everyone wants to stay close to good schools, colleges, green spaces, hospitals, malls, etc., which ultimately adds up to the price of the property. The high demand and limited supply control the price. With the increase of comfort and convenience, the price increases and takes a toll on the budget.

Every home is family-oriented and the price should not increase because it is children-friendly. In case developers charge extra for any specific children-oriented feature or service, he or she should be able to justify the charges.