Mistakes You Should Avoid to Get Cash Advance Loan Approval

Be it funding for education, meeting medical emergencies, or to buy a vehicle, house etc., advance approval of a cash loan holds a lot of importance. Sometimes in the process of getting loan sanctioned in advance, people make certain mistakes which deprive in accomplishing their objective.

Applying for more amount than you can actually afford

Cash advance loans have to be repaid much earlier than loans available from bank. The standard agreement requires complete repayment from the next salary paycheck. Also note that the lenders evaluate the loan on the basis of how much one earns. So, if you really require more money than your take-home salary, you should definitely not consider a cash advance in that case.

Not filling all the information on your application

All the fields in the application form are very necessary to be filled by the applicant. When you don’t provide the answers to the questions, then that means that either you refuse to share information with the loan lender or you don’t take the application filling process seriously.

Writing conflicting answers

It is important to take a good amount of time in thinking and planning what to write in an application form. If your answers are found to be conflicting, then there are chances that the information provided by the applicant is not true. This can be considered as a red flag by loan lending companies and cannot provide you the advance same day loan sanctioning that you have been looking for.

To prevent mistakes while filling up the loan application form, it is required that you keep all your documents such as checkbook, personal identification proof, salary slips, etc. in front of you. This will ensure that you get all the numbers right. Also, once you are done filling up the form, you should check it twice to ensure that whatever information you have provided is correct.

Not using valid IDs

Expired identification documents or wrong identification number will definitely be rejected by the system. In such a case they won’t accept your request for loan sanctioning purpose.

Wrong pay dates

If the pay dates marked on the application form fall on holidays or weekends, then they will also get rejected due to being invalid. In this case too, loan approval is next to impossible.

Guidelines to increase your loan approval chances

  • You need to be clear on how much money and for what duration will you require the money.
  • Think about your loan repayment option. Learn whether you would be able to repay the loan or not. As loans carry high interest rates failing to pay back can out you on the blacklist of the company. This would ultimately reduce your chances of getting loans approved in the future.
  • Perform good research on the credible loan lenders available on the market.


Loans help in realizing varied types of material needs of a person. Learning from these mistakes will help them from preventing these mistakes and getting it sanctioned quickly.

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