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Maintenance, Safety And Security

Our customer-focused and technology-driven approach to rental problems that currently plague the Indian housing market offers NRIs around the world an opportunity to open up their vacant or unattended Indian homes and put their properties to better use. Nestaway’s NRI property management services in India make the process of letting out your home a breeze with transparent procedures, efficient coordination, and open communication about terms, conditions, and expectations. You will not only find game-changing rental solutions that are revolutionary in the Indian real estate market but will also have access to services that secure the value of your home and other property investments made in India.

From general cleaning and upkeep to repair work around the house, your home will be kept in the best of conditions. Don’t worry about being miles away. You can always count on Nestaway to save the day when it comes to maintenance activities such as plumbing, painting, carpentry, gardening or other touch-up works around the house. There’s no need to make a trip to oversee the screening of tenants, rental procedures or to get your house ready for visits by potential tenants. We will make sure your house is ready for viewing and take care of the documentation too.

Taking care of the paperwork

When you sign up for our property management services, you will find that out of sight is never out of mind. You will always be informed of important developments such as maintenance works in progress, payments made and more. Reports and pictures will be updated on the Nestaway dashboard every quarter so you can keep an eye on how your house is shaping up and rest assured that it is being properly maintained. Aside from payment details and maintenance records, you can also find a list of past and current tenants and access all tenancy agreements and documents related to the house on the Nestaway portal.

A Complete solution

A dedicated 24/7 customer care team will also help address and resolve security or safety issues related to the house or the tenants. Not only this, but owners can also seek advice and ask for assistance from our legal team in case of any rental or tenancy dispute. Over and above this, your home will also be insured against accidental damage for a sum up to Rs 1 Crore.

Verified tenants

All potential tenants are put through rigorous screening before they are on-boarded. Potential tenants are vetted, and their IDs, proof of address and income are verified and made available to you both online and on the Nestaway app. Not to mention, your monthly rental income will remain unaffected in the event of any payment default by the tenant as Nestaway guarantees your payment on the 5th of every month. And once a tenant moves out, your house is thoroughly inspected and checked to ensure that it has been left behind in the best possible state.

With Nestaway’s property management services, post House for rent free and you can rest easy knowing that your investment is in good hands.

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