Ideas to Make an Office Environment More Exciting

Copious research points to the fact happy employees are more creative, more productive and take less sick leave. So, what can you do to make the office environment a little more exciting, while increasing your team’s sense of wellbeing and achievement?

Light and Airy

If you’re looking at commercial property for sale for a new start-up, look for something that allows maximum natural light into the workplace. Natural light can play a major part in improving your employees feel good factor. If you’re already established in an older property, see what can be done to increase the amount of natural light penetration, by increasing window size, skylights, or using fibre-optic technology.

Think About the Office Décor

Even colours can have a bearing on the happiness or otherwise of your office staff. The warm reds, orange and yellow can provoke an optimistic feel. While blue can increase creativity, and green can calm the mind. Include your workforce and ask what colours they would like to see in the office.

Home from Home

Is it really so bad for your head accountant to have a potted Busy Lizzie next to her workstation? In many areas, the latest design style of commercial property for sale, leans towards a home away from home workplace. While this might not be your preference, allowing staff to make their own workplace more ‘homely’ with their favourite knick-knacks usually pays dividends. It also helps give you an insight into what their interests and hobbies might be. A great conversation opener when you’re building a closer working relationship.

Keep your Staff in the Loop

There are so many things you can do to make your office environment more exciting. If you have the space (and the budget) you can go the way of the large software and digital companies with giant beanbags, adult slides and gaming machines. However, without that magic ingredient of togetherness, it could all still fall apart. The you and them style of management was assigned to the bin years ago. To get the best from your staff involve them in everything from choosing the office décor, to discussing new contracts. Letting your staff know they are an integral part of your operation increases the feel-good factor, promotes teamwork, improves working relationships, and helps increase output.

Suggest a Suggestion Box

Ask your employees if they like the idea of a suggestion box. They can suggest anything (well maybe not that). Have a weekly or monthly meeting to discuss the contents. Get the whole team involved. Some of the more tongue-in-cheek suggestions are great for generating a little end of week friendly banter – and the odd raspberry – especially when the author’s name is mentioned.

Nobody wants to spend eight hours a day working in a dark, dingy, Dickensian style building. If you and your landlord can’t find an agreeable way in which to improve things, perhaps it’s time to have a closer look at more modern commercial property for sale. Why not ask your staff for a few suggestions?

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