How To Get Rid Of Wasps Completely

The Fear Of Wasps

People are usually not too happy to encounter wasps. Especially when you are relaxing in your garden and come face to face with these creatures that are willing and waiting to sting you. At worst, they sting, at best, they spread terror. There is good news! It is possible to rid yourself completely from wasps naturally as well. Here are some natural and drastic handy tricks that you can use in order to make them go away for good.

Steps To Take In Order To Get Rid Of The Wasps

  • One of the first natural repellants for wasps are is a tomato branch. If we believe our grandmothers and the old-time remedies that they use to make, we should by all means believe that a branch of tomato plant on the table ensures you to keep wasps away. The smell that emerges makes them emerge. The same reaction will also occur with a branch of mint as they do not like the smell.
  • Wasps also have an issue with the smell of unused ground coffee that is in a heat-resistant cup to then be set on fire. The coffee is consumed without flames, giving off a smell that repels the wasps. It is a strong scent so get ready for it!


  • Wasps strongly despise strong odors. If, while you are enjoying your dessert, they flock to these sweet foods, simply get a hold of a lighter and light a stick of incense; they will evacuate the premises immediately. They will also have the same reaction to a scented candle.
  • The smell cloves highly disturb these wasps. Either you put crushed cloves in a saucer or you poke some in a slice of orange or lemon and they will flee immediately.
  • The smell of certain essential oils will also get them flying for their lives. The real lavender or lemongrass repels the wasps. You may diffuse at choice as a natural repellent.

These handy tips will ensure to keep the wasps away and to give you the peace and serenity that you need when in our garden or around the house.

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