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How to clean bi fold doors

Bi fold doors can be a very rewarding investment. Once fitted in your home, they can provide benefits of a larger amount of natural light while affording you an almost panoramic view of your garden. However, once those doors are in place, the question of how to maintain them could arise.

Even if you are thoroughly familiar with how to wash your windows effectively, the peculiarities of bi fold doors can sometimes call for less orthodox cleaning methods, as we will elaborate…

How should you clean the glass specifically?

It isn’t hard to see when your home’s standard glazing needs cleaning, thanks to the unsightly appearance of fingerprints left behind by family members. You might also spot watermarks if, the last time you tried to clean that glass, you didn’t quite do so to a professional standard.

The glass in your bi fold doors could pick up such signs of grubbiness, too – and if you were thinking that they should probably be cleaned like a standard window, well, you would be right. Real Homesadvises that you clean the glass by wiping it with a soft cloth dipped in warm water.

However, endeavor to stick to soft water – as, compared to hard water, it is less capable of leaving streaks and other deposits on the glass, a LinkedIn article points out.

What cleaning products are recommended?

If you find that attempting to clean that glass in the standard way isn’t quite bringing the results you would like, try again with a gentle soap intended for use on windows and doors. You can then remove excess water with a squeegee before picking up a clean cloth for use in reaching other water that might have travelled down to the frame’s perimeter.

However, avoid using scouring pads or solvent-based cleaning products; otherwise, surface damage could result. We also advise against you using dishwashing liquid on those doors.

The tracks will need special attention

Of course, your previous experience of cleaning windows might not be helpful when you want to make sure that the tracks look good. It’s not merely a cosmetic issue, either, as your doors could operate less effectively when debris has accumulated in those tracks.

Therefore, you should not only regularly check these tracks but also, if you see any dirt there, loosen it with a small brush. You could then use your vacuum cleaner’s thin nozzle attachment to suck up that debris. You might need to monitor the tracks especially closely during summer, when people could regularly traipse in and out and so inadvertently leave dirt in the ridges.

Are there special rules for different types of bi fold door?

The advice in this article is worth heeding whether you are seeking to clean wooden or aluminum doors. However, bi fold doors comprising aluminumrequire much less effort to maintain. In fact, aluminum bi fold doors call for nearly no upkeep, says Real Homes, whereas timber needs regular treatment aimed at preventing rotting. Bifold Shop is one example seller of aluminum bi fold doors.

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