Creating Yoga Space

So you love yoga but live too far from a decent studio to practice it. Beyond that, you live in small, rather uninspiring apartment. What do you do? You get creative, that’s what. With the right eye for detail and a good attitude, you can transform your space for Zen.

First, use candles. Light them on your mantle if you have one, set them on your end tables, on your window sills, anywhere they will warm the room’s ambiance and add some light. If your complex does not allow open flame, consider battery operated candles. Don’t knock them until you have seen them, either. There are great designs out there that can enhance any room.

Next, burn incense. It sets the mood, gets your body in the right “place,” and transports your mind into meditation. It’s also inexpensive and easy to clean up with the right holder. There are a variety of great scents, too.

If incense is too smoky, diffuse a few drops of an essential oil. Bonus: While incense often comes in woodsy aromas, essential oils come in everything from lavender and jasmine to eucalyptus and cedar. And perhaps more so than incense, essential oils have multiple health benefits. Certain oils can purify the air, boost the immune system, help with respiratory problems, and even aid digestion. Oils such as frankincense are considered sacred, too, and some believe they enhance the soul.

Using mirrors can make your space seem larger. They can also help you in seeing how your yoga positions are executed. Do you need to lower a leg or raise a shoulder, for example? A mirror could guide you into the most effective position.

Lighting can also enhance your mood and general wellbeing. Avoid harsh lights, and if the sun shines into your window, consider pulling down a blind and adjusting it accordingly. A dimmer switch is your friend if your apartment has one for a light or two. If you do not have on built in, consider purchasing a lamp that uses a low-watt, ambient lightbulb. An effective yet gentle light will greatly add peace and rest to the space.

Remove any clutter. Not only does it lesson your space, it decreases your peace. Put scattered books away, organize stray throw pillows, clean the kitchen if it’s in view, and make sure any out-of-place item finds its “home” before you begin to exercise.

Music also enhances yoga for many people. While tastes in tunes vary tremendously, it’s never a bad idea to choose something soothing, such as ambient music. Listening to rap or heavy metal is rarely a good choice for something such as yoga, but … to each his own.

And, of course, your yoga equipment is a huge component of your experience. Be sure you have the best. Manduka has a fine selection of mats, clothing, and other implements you will need to best exercise your mind, your body, and your soul. Don’t forget to get your Manduka coupon on Groupon Coupons today, and create the perfect yoga studio at home.

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