Choose Exposed Aggregate for Durability and Great Appearances

When you’re planning the installation of a new driveway, patio, or another outdoor surface, or it’s time to replace your current concrete surface, you should give serious thought to using a technique that delivers numerous benefits. If you haven’t seen a finished project for which the contractor used exposed aggregate, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the obvious beauty.

Most people understand this benefit, which is usually at the top of the priority list when people decide to install a new driveway or patio. However, you’ll discover there are a number of other reasons to choose such a design technique, one of which has to do with function and practicality. If you’d like to know more about the additional benefits, continue reading this article.


When you choose exposed aggregate concrete in Melbourne, you’re selecting a practical solution to your need for a durable surface. You’ll find it needs only minimal maintenance, such as a regular cleaning. You will also eliminate weeds and moss with this choice when you install exposed aggregate, plus you’ll have a durable surface that is safe for most uses.

This material, when correctly installed by professionals, will stand up to regular foot traffic and vehicle traffic, providing safety in all conditions. It is remarkably slip-resistant, which makes it ideal when children and older persons will be using it on a daily basis. Durability is a key element, because this concrete will handle heavier weights without damage.

Of course, when you consider exposed aggregate, you have to think about the way a customised surface can work with every design and style. Work closely with your contractor to choose the colours you desire, whether your tastes are more bold or you prefer more subtle hues. During installation, the experts can add granite, quartz, and other materials to enhance the look and feel of your property in a unique way.

Texture, Colour

You can learn more about the wide range of options with aggregate surfaces, which allows you and your contractor to create a unique design and form patterns. This has become a very popular driveway finish, thanks to the outstanding appearance and the unmatched durability. You can choose a number of textures, including shells, crushed stone, and pebbles, so your surface can be one of a kind.

Browse the website of your contractor to learn more about the variety available. You should also call and talk to a representative about exposed aggregate, as well as coloured concrete or plain-surface concrete. Have your contractor add a lightly textured finish for something different. When you discuss your specific requirements with a representative, be sure to ask about the pave cut, which gives your surface a slate or paver look. These same experts can also help with concrete foundations, footings, and slabs, if these are part of your project plans.

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