Characteristics of a Good Health Insurance Plan

Health insurance caters for the medical bills of the insured individual. The insurance company reimburses the insured individual for any expenses that are incurred through injury or illness or pays the health provider.

There are different levels of health insurance plans that are available to the general public in the Florida Health Insurance Network. Below are 3 examples:

  • Bronze plan. This has the smallest premium and the largest deductible.
  • Silver plan. This has medium premium and medium deductible.
  • Platinum plan. This has the largest premium and the smallest deductible.

All employees should make it a priority to get a health insurance plan that is responsive. Some of the key characteristics that you should look out for when making a decision on which is the best health insurance plan include:

  1. Accessibility

Your insurance provider should be there for you right from the start. You should have confidence that the team will always be reachable whenever you need their assistance.

They should discuss with you what your options are, help compare rates, and explain your coverage.

  1. Accountability

On top of being easily accessible, the insurance company should be able to stand behind their products and services.

  1. Reliability

Your health insurance provider should understand your needs and deliver relevant information to satisfy your needs. Choose a company that has a proven track record of customer retention. This is a good sign of customer satisfaction.

  1. Flexibility

A good health insurance plan should make it easily possible for you to take great care of your team. If the customers have any special requests, the company should be able to bend backward and make exceptions.

  1. Transparency

Your health insurance should make a point of being completely honest with their customers. If a customer needs some information, the company should be able to provide it; if privacy regulations don’t allow them to disclose certain information, the company should provide that explanation to the customer.

  1. Timeliness

When you require answers, your health insurance company should provide the answers right away. If there are any issues, they should also be dealt with right away to make sure the customer gets a satisfying solution.

  1. Compassion

When special situations arise, the health insurance company is expected to be very understanding. They should always be sympathetic with their customers and proactive in coming up with appropriate solutions.


Choosing between different health insurance plans can be quite overwhelming. There are so many variables that one need to consider before making a choice. It is obvious that everyone wants the best plan to protect them and their families.

When looking for a plan that fits your needs look for a plan that has good reviews from its members, has hospitals and doctors that you need, provides the services when you need them, and most importantly is within your budget.

There is really no plan that can be deemed best of all. What matters is what your individual needs are. The plan that you feel is perfect for you might not be a good option for someone else.

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