Thursday 25 July 2024
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Cavity Wall Compensation Claims – How Much could I be Owed?

Cavity Wall Compensation Claims – How Much could I be Owed?

One question on the minds of many people in the United Kingdom who may have been miss sold cavity wall installation or suspect they have been miss sold building work of this nature is the question of “how much compensation am I owed for a faulty cavity wall?” and “If I have been miss sold a cavity wall, how much compensation can I win?”, on this page we will address these questions and explain some context surrounding the issue, read on for more information about cavity wall insulation compensation claims.

What is the average amount of compensation awarded for miss sold or faulty cavity wall installation?

The average amount of compensation for a miss sold or fault cavity wall is estimated at around £23,000.

Usual compensation ranges are payouts somewhere between £10,000-£25,000, in some cases it can be more, some cases less.

Factors that determine how much you could be owed in compensation

The level of damage and the cost to repair the damage are important factors when calculating the amount of compensation a claimant will be awarded (financial exposure) other factors are the materials of which the home is built, typically stone houses have a higher compensation value, however brick built homes can also receive a large compensation payout, in any case the compensation is worth putting in the claim.

Another factor is if or the amount of damage caused as a result of having a cavity wall insulation installed (which also has a strong relationship with the amount of money it will cost to resolve the issue).

It is possible to claim if the installation is faulty OR if it has been miss sold to you, both can result in a compensation payout.

It is also worth remembering that it must first be established that you have a valid claim, this can be done by contacting us for a free assessment of your case, also we can proceed with your claim on a no win no fee basis, you can also input your postcode into our online checker to find out if you may be eligable to make a claim.

Another thing to be mindful of with a case of a faulty cavity wall installation is that if the damp is left untreated the problem can be exacerbated leaving you in a worse situation than if you were to address the issue much earlier, this can also drive up the cost of fixing the problem and also affect your health.

How can I get an idea of how much my claim will be worth?

Getting in touch with us to discuss either by putting in your postcode (postcode checker) or by calling or emailing us enables us to check on your potential claim and provide further details, we recommend you do this ASAP to avoid delays.

There is no definitive way to estimate the exact value of your claim until it is underway, the best approach is to make a no obligation enquiry to start the process.

Are there any costs to making a cavity wall claim?

No. There are no upfront fees for the service.

At no point will we bill you directly and there are absolutely no upfront fees, our reimbursement comes from the insurer, so there is no cost to pay out of your own pocket.