Doing Good the American Way

When college break comes each spring a whole flood of coeds and undergrads usually arrive to enjoy the fun at major recreation communities on the coast.  However, the experience may be somewhat sobered a bit this coming year by the effects of several major storms that hit some of the traditional haunts students went to for the break.  Many communities were badly ravaged, flooded, hit by storm surges and had much of their infrastructure damaged or destroyed.   Their traditional income which depended upon the revenues from vacationers and tourists has been greatly reduced at the very time they need money to recover from the effects of these natural disasters.

Spring break has been the time when college students are traditionally seen wearing their most casual outfits in order to enjoy the fun.  That is where their best use of Groupon coupons is evidenced, when we see them wearing the latest jeans and shorts they’ve obtained from American Apparel.  And that is also where you can count on seeing the most stylish swimwear and the latest tee shirt designs and fashions.  Spring break has been the time when our younger generation takes the opportunity to relax and enjoy the pleasures of the vacation communities in our southeast and Gulf states.

However, this year you might also count upon seeing students in more serious roles and dress.  Many may volunteer to assist the communities where they usually go to play as those people struggle to recover from the recent losses and destruction.  College students in particular are traditionally known for their willingness to sacrifice their time and energy in order to assist folks in need.  And their aid can be invaluable to those who have just suffered from storms that have damaged or even wiped out an entire community’s residences, businesses and facilities.  Even this early you can sense the drive to provide their assistance to the residents of those communities where they have been accustomed to visiting for pleasure and play. It is more than likely that come spring break next season we will meet students in outfits purchased with Groupon coupons from American Apparel working as volunteers to assist citizens in the recovery of their communities and their economy.


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